We believe in delivering Proper Lighting, where products are created to truly save energy and live a longer life.

Team Ecosparks continues to lead the way by incorporating real-life experiential learning into our design considerations. We firmly stand by our commitment to championing only the best practices in the lighting industry, thus upholding our integrity to be a global leader in the industry.

Explore our application

Commercial Lighting

Through our LED lighting solutions, we deliver long lasting and evenly distributed light using direct and indirect light sources.

Infrastructural Lighting

Our infrastructural lighting solutions demonstrate a holistic approach that balances the trade-off between energy consumption and brightness levels of the surroundings.

Industrial Lighting

Ecosparks excels in providing lighting solutions for warehouses, heavy industrial facilities, and other demanding environments.

SMART Lighting Solutions

In this era where real-time updates are crucial to the success of businesses, we strive to ensure that you have data monitoring at your fingertips.