Smart Lighting Solutions

Driving Connectivity in the Era of IoT

In this era where real-time updates are crucial to the success of businesses, we strive to ensure that you have data monitoring at your fingertips. To help you stay informed, our smart lighting solutions, powered by protocols, come with user-friendly web dashboards and mobile apps.

SMART Lighting Solutions allow user to:


Configure, control, monitor and analyze each segment such as aisles, walkways, logistics areas etc


Access a wide range of functions that make warehouses and heavy industrial facilities more intelligent and safe


Wirelessly and remotely monitor, control and manage individual lights, through easy commands such as ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ or ‘DIM’ simply through the internet


Schedule tasks with remote management, to deliver the right brightness in the right place and at the right time


Improve efficiency and quality of service


Obtain information about system status in real time and reduce maintenance cost

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