Greenhouse Farming Lighting

In farming, light is one of the most important variables for any cultivation, hereby introducing Ecosparks’ new specialty lighting technology, LUSH.

LUSH is the supplemental lighting solution with the use of mixed colors LED and optimized spectrum for greenhouse, to promote consistent crop growth and consistency all year round. LUSH is designed and engineered based on detailed research and proven results for enhancing the growth of crops e.g. leafy greens, fruiting and flowering plants.

With LUSH, sunlight is no longer a determining factor which affects the quality of the produce. Farmers can now have complete control of light supply to maintain growth, extend the grow season, boosting yields and profits in a cost-effective way.

Examples of Produce Variety

Leafy Greens




Indoor Farming Lighting

The luminaire is a mixed color LED luminaire for indoor farming application, containing mixture of BLUE, RED & FAR RED colors. It is used to support, increase and enable the growth of plants by illuminating them with artificial lighting.

These luminaires are slim and lightweight which make them trouble-free to install even in places with tight space, which makes them suitable for various multilayer farming solutions.

Examples of Produce Variety




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