Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Illuminating the Future

With lighting solutions that are both innovative and sustainable, Ecosparks aims to bring an era of reliability and good design into Asia. Armed with knowledge, experience, and passion, we seek to emphasise the importance of proper lighting in everyday life and highlight its overall impact on people, lifestyles, cultures and eventually the global environment.

Proper Lighting being driven by being Green where products created to truly save energy, Sustainable where products are made to live longer life enabling good use of resources, and minimalist by using less resource to do the same.

Our Mission

Consistent with our vision is the essence of Ecosparks functionality – by understanding, incorporating, and eventually sharing with the rest of the world our revolutionary products and technology we strive to help enhance human potential, maximize energy savings, and promote environmental conservation. Team Ecosparks continues to lead the way by incorporating real-life experiential learning into our design considerations. We firmly stand by our commitment to championing only the best practices in the lighting industry, thus upholding our integrity and responsibility as a company and as an industry leader in the ASEAN.