String Driver Concept

Common challenges faced with LED Drivers available today

The conventional LED drivers available in the market pose the challenge of High Temperature. High levels of heat result in the failure of the LED light engine and eventually the driver itself crashes. This problem will never occur when you use our string drivers.

What is a string driver?

Our R&D team has come up with an innovative long-life driver. Traditionally LED lighting solutions necessitated using one driver per LED lighting fixture. Our String Driver uses a single driver to control various LED Lighting installations. Since this concept greatly reduces the number of drivers it is absolutely economical and minimalistic in the true sense.

The String driver concept ably responds to the long standing need for economy and efficiency in SSL. This technology is set to revolutionise SSL implementation by making it truly affordable and durable.

Advantages of our String driver:

  • Our Driver is Thermally Cool
  • Other drivers use Aluminium Electrolytic (Al E-cap) and some other short life-span components to boost the performance. However, Al E-cap has a very short-life span. Al E-cap life-span further reduces since the temperature of conventional drivers is on a higher side.
  • Our ASIC allows the String Driver to perform without the use of Al E-cap or any other short life-span components
  • Good Power Factor, >0.95
  • Good Efficiency, >0.9
  • Has in-built advantages such as:
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Short-Circuit Protection
    • Open-Circuit Protection
    • Surge Protection