Ecosparks Lighting Products

How does our ‘Real SSL Ecosystem’ Work?

At Ecosparks we have come up with a unique vision of a Real Solid State Lighting (SSL) Ecosystem. The SSL technology hitherto evolved towards building stand-alone solutions that were based on the paradigm of dedicating one driver for every piece of SSL. Our Business Partner’s highly talented R&D team, with their relentless design and testing efforts, has changed this forever. They shattered the paradigm of ‘one dedicated driver for every SSL’ by coming up with our innovative Driver that can manage many Driverless Solid State Lightings.

The other important component of our Real SSL Ecosystem is our Lights Connect that acts as a hub and connects our innovative Driver to many SSLs. This system also ensures Safety at the highest level whilst the ease of being plug and play.

The result

Our Real SSL Ecosystem system uses lesser resources thanks to a tangible reduction of electronics components, especially the short-life ones, compared to the existing solutions in the market. Needless to say, our system design is thermally cooler as compared to traditional SSL solutions. More important, the system is still able to operate well within the rated life of electronics components assuring you of a highly reliable performance.

Why choose our Real SSL Ecosystem?

Our ecosystem is truly minimalistic yet delivers a reliable performance for years to come. Since it represents a completely new paradigm, a slight shift in the thinking has helped our customers reap rich dividends from our innovation.

What are the benefits of our Real SSL Ecosystem work?

  • Thermally cool and reliable light-engine that lives longer
  • Reduces the number of drivers used and thus reduction in costs
  • Cooler long-life driver has no short life-span components
  • High-power and high-efficiency driver
  • Fast, safe and easy installation
  • Self-diagnostic ability
  • Matchlessly longer operating life time – no competitive product offers such long life!
  • One-time investment
  • No maintenance, no replacement, no labour cost
  • Long-term rewards and excellent ROI