About Us


Incorporated in 2009, Ecosparks has revolutionized lighting technologies with products that meet and exceed current industry standards. Spanning across the residential, corporate, and commercial sectors, Ecosparks versatile solutions are recognised for their innovative, sustainable yet dynamic thought process.

Ecosparks and our Business Partner’s R&D have relentlessly pursued the attainment of optimum performance and reliability in Solid State Lighting (SSL).  We achieve this through our proprietary light-engines and drivers used in a wide range of SSL products.

Combining thought with experience, we continuously refine our designs and incorporate new ideas that help us provide professional-grade lighting solutions. We ensure a combination of premium lighting with a wide spectrum of coverage for all types of premises. Our highly-experienced team is a major source of our strength at Ecosparks.

Our team members are recognised experts in lighting products and solutions. They have worked on a variety of projects with clients all over Southeast Asia, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. The ever vigilant Ecosparks team is well versed with upcoming trends in the industry, particularly in the area of energy-saving LED technologies. Leveraging our knowledge for the benefit of our clients, we strive for the betterment a globally eco-friendly environment.